MARCH 7, 2021

3 Benefits of Robitech

Today's competitive environment demands that companies design, manufacture, and bring products to market faster than the competition. Any delay could spell disaster to new product development. If your company is now facing that problem, Robitech Inc. is here today with a proven solution.

Robitech Inc. offers free OEM design service, a modular approach to process control, and outsourcing capabilities to help your company design your complete control systems in far less time and cost than you thought possible.

Free OEM Design

Robitech's control system technology is designed to help you, the customer, produce "state of the art" control systems for your equipment faster, more efficiently and more cost effective. With our engineering capabilities, we're prepared to meet your total needs, up to and including building a complete turnkey package. Plug-in modularity of our components makes trouble shooting easy (in most cases, repair is as simple as swapping a module), maximizing uptime, flexibility and future upgradeability. Give us your requirements, and we can have you up and running within 60 days for a one-time, upfront cost of one production unit, saving you the cost of inhouse R&D to solve the same problem. All documentation is supplied free of charge, including: all pneumatic porting, test and QC records, CAD drawings and part lists. Let us show you how modular mating with our components can result in the custom electronic/pneumatic control system you need in far less time and at far less cost (and taking up far less space!) than you might think possible.


With our flexible, modular approach to electronic/pneumatic control, Robitech, Inc. is uniquely positioned to meet the technological challenges faced by our customers. Our approach provides a variety of competitive and practical advantages, from saving time and money it would take to design your own process from scratch to increasing productivity by maximizing uptime to reducing your equipment load with our small-size, high density packaging. Your business faces design challenges that can divert energy and resources from your core capabilities. Bring your challenges to us. We can provide the solution.

Robitech's technologies, systems and products protect and enhance your investment in the future of your business by reducing installation and wiring times and minimizing downtime, allowing you to dedicate your internal resources to new core product development. As your needs grow, we'll be right there with you, ready to provide unparalleled service and support so that you can focus on your core business. Doing what we do best so you can do what you do best: It is our reason for being.


As technology changes at an ever-increasing pace, the window of opportunity for bringing new products to market grows narrower. Many companies overlook the hidden cost in money and time associated with producing something new from scratch. Unnecessarily allocating scarce resources to R&D, QC, inventory, shipping, etc. can effectively kill new product development.

We're ready today with proven solutions that enable you to focus on your company's core capability. Why expend your energy and resources researching how to accomplish what we specialize in and can do better and faster for you? We have invested nearly 20 years of research and development into producing better products and packaging solutions. Let us do what we do best, and you will free yourself to do the same.

All of our products are fully warrantied and employ only the finest components, which define the industry standard for maximum life and ease of use. We maintain a full Quality Control department with multi-stage testing, and we conform to the ISO 9001 Standard.

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