MARCH 7, 2021

For the past 19 years, Robitech Incorporated has been a leading supplier of industrial controls to many of the world's leading industries. Our unique approach has been utilized time and again because of its small-size, dense packaging, easy installation, throughput, value and overall reliability.

Listed below are some examples of how Robitech Inc. has provided the practical solutions sought by today's designers.

Customized Solutions

A leading computer manufacturer required a control system for filtering and recirculating DI water in their semiconductor fabrication facility. At their invitation, we designed and developed a complete stand-alone control system with an on-board computer and networked with the company's process computer. The unit was housed in a sealed enclosure to protect it from contamination and corrosion. Because the package was complete and self-contained, installation procedures we simple and straight-forward.

By relying on our niche expertise, our customer avoided the high costs of R&D associated with prototyping and product development. In fact, they report that we delivered the initial finished control for less than it would have cost them to have an in-house engineering team initiate a design concept.

A Total Turnkey System

A major semiconductor equipment manufacturer asked us to supply multiple electro-pneumatic control systems for use in their state-of-the-art process machines. Because they required extreme reliability, small size, "no tool" replacement modules and one part number purchasing, our total out-sourcing solution proved to be just what they needed. We designed the systems as all-inclusive control racks, fully customized with silkscreened I/O, module and pertinent system information, and all documentation included.

Our customer simply mounted the racks, plugged in I/O and power harnesses (both electrical and pneumatic) and turned on the system. It performed to their complete satisfaction.

Maximum Update

A manufacturer specializing in plastic swizzle sticks for the food and beverage industry asked us to develop a raw plastic bulk-feed control system for their injection molding machines. We designed a system to ensure that each machine was supplied with a min/max bulk of appropriate plastic material. Computer controlled and monitored from the plant superintendent's office, the system recorded material usage at each station as well as bulk feed and machine problems. The system's ability to sense trouble and report back to the operator allowed our customer to make smarter, better informed choices on the production line, maximizing uptime and increasing productivity.

The Packaging Difference

An international lighting company required a complex gas control system for use on its production lines. With multiple packages to be mounted on a large rotary table, minimal size and weight were paramount factors in the system design. Within four weeks, we designed a modular control system that surpassed even our customer's expectations while staying in the budget.

Over the past two decades, we have developed unique methods for reducing the size of our equipment solutions by one half. Combining pneumatics with electronics in the same rack and designing our systems to be smaller and more densely populated allows us to reduce our customer's equipment load, ultimately cutting overall costs. In our business, smaller truly is better.

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