MARCH 7, 2021
New Product

  • Sealed stainless steel housing
  • Low cost
  • Subminiature (.55 DIA x .97L) and lightweight
  • OEM equipment applicable
  • O-ring sealed 10-32 NF fitting
  • Smart digital electronics for zero offset, gain and temperature compensation
  • 4 pin self-aligning snap in connector
  • Various molded cable options
  • Gage and absolute pressure ranges Subminiature

    The 980-2354 and 980-2355 series pressure transducers are used for general purpose applications where size, performance, and low cost are requirements. Each transducer contains a digitally programmed electronic circuit to provide accurate zero offset, gain and temperature compensation settings ; a precision voltage regulator and a buffer amplifier for the analog output signal. These transducers are sealed in a stainless steel body with a self aligning snap-in 4 pin electrical connector. The 10-32 male thread is sealed with a Viton O-ring for the pressure connection

    Download complete Data Sheet. This is a PDF formatted document, which requires the Acrobat reader to view. You may download the reader by clicking on the Get Acrobat Reader graphic below.

    980-2350 Series

    Pressure Transducer,
    Pneumatic Devices:

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